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Praise/Testimonials/Reviews - massage with Jodie Schubert - Re-Balanced Bodies

Thank you to my valued clients who very kindly put their thoughts in writing...

"Sometimes people are in just the right job... some people are truly gifted at what they do. I was fortunate enough to come across Jodie about 6 years ago and wow!!!! Having had massage all over the world, for two decades now, I would rate Jodie as seriously one of the best. She really is that good. Not only that, she puts her heart and soul into every massage - not sure how she does that... but she consistently works very hard and is magic at soothing the aches, pains, the sore bits and knotty bits. Thank you Jodie, for your knowledge, your passion and your dedication to excellence." Anna

"Feeling amazing after my massage this morning - thank you so much Jodie. If you are due for a massage I highly recommend this beautiful, professional lady with magical hands." Brigitte

"Jodie is amazing. She is a true professional and has the uncanny knack of always finding the spot that needs the work without much encouragement. Jodie looked after me through my two pregnancies and continues to help keep my body in condition, allowing me to manage the daily stresses of life. I cannot recommend her highly enough." Toni

"I have been a regular patient of Re-Balanced Bodies for over two years now. As a long-term sufferer of back and neck pain, I require regular attention to relax and treat muscles that would otherwise cause stress, discomfort and ultimately immobilisation. Simple and regular preventative maintenance via massage therapy from a highly skilled practitioner such as Jodie Schubert allows me full freedom of movement, and this is why I cannot recommend Re-Balanced Bodies more highly. Thanks to Jodie at Re-Balanced Bodies, neck and back pain no longer dictate my lifestyle." wrongtracksuit

"Dedicated, knowledgeable and professional. Re-Balanced Bodies is an essential part of my week!" Andrew

"7 years ago my physio suggested deep tissue massage as a way of relieving the ongoing pain from arthritis in my neck and associated neck and upper back stiffness from many years of playing netball and running. This condition was exacerbated by working at a computer and playing the piano. After searching for a massage therapist, Jodie Schubert was recommended to me by a work colleague and I have never looked back. I used to think that the pain I experienced in my shoulder blade and across my neck was something that I would just have to live with, however, after meeting Jodie I realised that I didn't have to live with it.  I noticed the difference after just one visit with Jodie and her magic fingers, and I have continued treatments with her over the years due to the benefits to my overall health and well being. Jodie is everything you want in a health professional, she is attentive, caring, discreet and most importantly, her methods achieve results.  I whole heartedly recommend Jodie." Kylie

"Jodie has sorted out every ache and pain my partner and I have had over the last 15 years. Jodie looks after both mind and body and her compassion and professionalism is an inspiration to us. Her dedication to her job is unfaltering and her customer service is exemplary. 5 Star rating...but only because a higher rating was not available :) Keep up the amazing work!" Angela

"I am a keen cyclist, riding several hundred kilometres a week. To continue doing this it is important to maintain my leg, back and neck muscles in good condition. I can therefore continue to enjoy the sport of cycling, without injury. I have been attending Jodie for remedial massage about every 2 weeks for about 5 years. Jodie has therefore played an integral part in my injury prevention. In addition, any specific niggles that appear, are in many cases diagnosed and quickly alleviated by Jodie. I have received regular massages during all the time I have been involved in cycling; more than 10 years. This has included many remedial massage therapists who are good at what they do. Jodie has been by far the most capable remedial massage therapist I have encountered." Steve

"I have been going to Jodie for regular massages for nearly 10 years now and have recommended her to a number of my friends. Her work has complimented the work of my physio and helped me manage a range of physical issues more effectively." Leanne

"I have been getting massages from Jodie for the last 2 years and every time I leave her practice it is with deep satisfaction and an overall feeling of well-being. She is precise with her diagnosis and skilled in her technique; I would recommend anyone to see her for any complaint or injury. Thanks for the hours of sheer relief I have received on your table in the last few years." Heather

"I've been a client of Jodie at Re-Balanced Bodies for over 15 years. Originally going for constant lower back & neck pain but regular treatment from Jodie keeps those problems at bay. Jodie has a 6th sense of finding spots that need attention. I would recommend Jodie to anyone and am forever thankful our paths crossed many years ago." Scott

“As someone who has suffered multiple herniated discs and degenerative disc disease over the last 7 years, finding relief is an amazing gift. Jodie is that gift; she has magical hands and is a master at her work. With a professional, caring manner Jodie's approach is friendly, sensitive and intuitive and most importantly - I trust her! I would and have recommended Jodie to anyone seeking seriously amazing massage therapy.” Ali

"After a lifetime of dancing and some serious whiplash injuries, Jodie’s massage has been an essential part of my pain management and a vital part of maintaining my general wellbeing.  I would highly recommend Jodie’s services to not only athletes and pain sufferers, but to anyone who feels they need some physical and mental relief from the stress of everyday life." Anna

"My favourite place to go for a massage in Brisbane. I now live in New York and haven't found a place as good!" Alanya

"Jodie from Re-Balanced Bodies Ashgrove is BRILLIANT with a capital B! She is an intuitive therapist, but also highly skilled, thus the greatest combination for success. Most therapists miss the attachment sites and focus on the belly of the muscle which doesn't release the muscle effectively. Jodie finds every area needed to help alleviate your problem areas. She is also a compassionate, empathetic human being and creates a safe, professional environment. The only problem with Jodie is that she lives in Qld and I am now in have no idea how much I miss her massages!!" Rowena

"I am in my late 60’s and in good health.  I first saw Jodie after my husband died about 9 years ago. I had nursed him for many years and was in an exhausted, stressed state after his death.  A grief counsellor had advised widows to seek remedial massage as a way to relieve years of accumulated stress. I followed her advice and found Jodie.  I have seen Jodie regularly for about 6 years for the following reasons:

  • - There is a safe and medically professional environment
  • - There has never been the slightest hint of impropriety
  • - Jodie’s room is inviting, private
  • - Jodie has an excellent knowledge of anatomy
  • - Despite having a caring nature, Jodie does not intrude on emotional issues
  • - Jodie is well aware of the psychological issues underlying massage and handles them in a professional manner
  • - Jodie manages her timetable to include holidays for rest and recreation
  • - Jodie’s time management gives the patient reassurance that she will not burn out and importantly that the patient herself/himself has not caused the burn out
  • - Jodie’s rooms are part of a medical practice of physiotherapist and acupuncturist; her rooms are immaculately clean and impart a sense of quiet and competent professionalism
  • - Jodie has the strength for the large and muscular and the delicacy for the smaller frame
  • - Jodie has been able to maintain her practice at the same address for many years; she is not a flighty ‘fly by night’. Rather, she represents the solid, mature attributes of a wise and effective practitioner

I am lucky to have found Jodie; she has given me relief from pain and stress.  What more can one ask for?" Cathleen, Retired Guidance Officer