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COVID-19 (Updated 16/11/20 8pm)

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Remedial Massage involves physical touch and close contact for long periods of time so there may be an increased risk of covid-19 transmission. It is important to assess your own risk for remedial massage, especially if you are in a high risk group.

IMPORTANT SCREENING Please read before EVERY appointment as it changes regularly!

You will need to reschedule your appointment if ANY of the following apply:

  • If you have ANY of these symptoms:
  • - Fever
  • - Sore throat
  • - Cough
  • - Runny Nose
  • - Shortness of breath
  • - Fatigue/excessive tiredness
  • - Loss of smell/taste/appetite
  • - Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhoea
  • * Sudden onset of headaches or muscle/joint aches/pains can also be associated with covid-19 so please contact your Doctor before your appointment if these symptoms are unusual for you.
  • If you have been near anyone in the last 14 days who has had any of the above symptoms, unless they have tested negative for covid-19 and have not been advised to self-quarantine.
  • If you or anyone you have been near in the last 14 days is being tested for, suspected of or is a confirmed (positive) case of covid-19.
  • If you have been advised by Authorities to currently self-quarantine/self-isolate.
  • Please TELL US about any other potential covid-19 risk factors.


  • When you arrive for your appointment, our receptionist will conduct a non-contact temperature check. (37.3 or more = low grade fever, Source: WHO, Getting your workplace ready for covid-19, 19/03/20)
  • Physical distancing is in place at the clinic so staff may need to direct you to another area to wait for your appointment. If we know you have arrived, you are also welcome to wait outside if you prefer.
  • Due to limited space and physical distancing requirements, only the person with an appointment can come in to the clinic if you bring a friend or family member with you, they will need to wait outside.
  • We are minimising paperwork at reception as much as possible. Health fund claims still need to be signed so we recommend you bring your own pen.   Contactless card payments are preferred.   Where possible, we will email any forms or information that need to be completed, prior to appointments.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided for use before/after touching any items at reception and before/after your massage.   See here for how to handwash/handrub.
  • Your therapist will wear a TGA approved, single use, surgical face mask during each massage. Depending on Qld Health advice and/or community transmission, we may also require clients to wear a face mask, which we will provide at your appointment.   See here for how to wear a mask safely.
  • Please practise good respiratory hygiene/etiquette cover your mouth with your elbow or a tissue if you cough or sneeze. Immediately put the tissue in the bin and thoroughly wash your hands, including after blowing your nose, going to the toilet and before/after eating.


  • Advice is to minimise time with clients as much as possible, so consider your need for longer appointments, particularly if you are in a high risk group.
  • Research suggests "fresh air" ventilation is important so we are keeping windows open and minimising air conditioning in the treatment room as much as possible.
  • Clinic hours, appointments and availability are subject to change at short notice.

Treating Minors: A parent, legal guardian or caregiver must be present at all times during treatment of persons under 18.   During covid-19, physical distancing does not allow for another person to be present during massage treatment, so unfortunately I am currently unable to treat minors.   This policy will be updated at the earliest opportunity.   Thank you for your understanding.


The situation will be reviewed each week.  We will continue to follow Government directions and update procedures in line with recommendations, current restrictions and local transmission rates.

We are doing our best to support your remedial massage needs.   Thank you for supporting my need to provide a safe and healthy (both mental and physical) environment for all of us.

Kindest regards,
Jodie Schubert

*For those who also see Tony for physiotherapy, please note that due to the inability to physically distance during remedial massage, Re-Balanced Bodies may have different procedures.

covid-19 hug

We will continue to provide covid-19 updates on this dedicated page, as well as hints (see below) to help keep you going during the pandemic, so please keep checking in.

Covid-19 is an ongoing public health pandemic and there continue to be risks. Please keep following Government/Health Directions, maintain physical distancing (no hugs, kisses or handshakes), wash your hands regularly and stay safe and well.

    High Risk Groups:
    Data indicates that the 20-29 year age group have the highest positive infection rate, but because they are at greatest risk of getting really sick from covid-19, it is recommended that:
    people in the following groups should limit contact with other people as much as possible:
  • - people aged 70 years and over
  • - people aged 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions
  • - people with compromised immune systems
  • - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over

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COVID-19 Government/Health/Mental Health/Business Links
Self-Help, Stretching & Home Office Setup Tips
self massage.

  • - Tips for setting up a home office
  • - Stretches for officeworkers
  • - More tips coming soon!

Working from home?
Here are some great resources to help with setting up your home office and stretches to keep tight muscles and postural problems at bay.

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Tips to survive coronavirus isolation!
isolation rice grains.
  • * Stay in touch with friends and family by phone, social media, video chats - whatsapp, zoom, skype, facetime
  • * It's important to keep informed but try to avoid watching too much news and media which may focus on the negatives
  • * If working from home, try to avoid working in your usual relaxation space eg bedroom and set boundaries and routines to avoid being "at work" 24/7
  • * Eat fresh, healthy, nutritious meals and drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • * Spend time doing things you enjoy that are nurturing or relaxing - gardening, cooking, reading, meditation, yoga - try Brew Yoga or Live it yoga
  • * Keep active - it's easy to become sedentary so do some daily exercise - cardio, strength, core, stretching - find online options eg Zoom Dance (online contemporary dance classes)
  • * Take up a new hobby or do an online course and learn something new - there are lots of free or low cost options available too - try some Memory Training
  • * Find things that make you laugh - there are plenty of funny memes and videos to keep us smiling
  • * Make the most of the time to slow down, relax and reflect on what we do have and can be grateful for
  • * Enjoy the arts - visit a gallery online, watch an online performance, listen to music, watch a movie, play an instrument or learn a language
  • * Participate in something you enjoy that makes you feel connected, like the people in these Utube clips
  • Do you recognise anyone at 4:48 in #1 and at 0:56 (bottom row, 2nd from right) in #2?! 😉 😄

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