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Covid-19 Contact Information
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Covid-19 is an ongoing pandemic and there continue to be risks. Please follow Government/Health Directions, wear masks, maintain physical distancing, wash your hands regularly and stay safe.

If you have a medical emergency, phone 000 immediately.

If you have any covid-19 symptoms, isolate and test.
Phone healthdirect (1800 022 222) for more information.

Covid-19 Resources
Covid-19 symptoms
  • RATs are less accurate than PCR tests so you may have Covid-19 even if your RAT is negative.
  • Do RATs on several consecutive days if you have symptoms or regularly for at least 7 days if you've had close contact with someone who has tested positive.
  • If you continue to test negative on RATs and are unwell, try to have a PCR test, especially if you are eligible for antivirals, or do a combination RAT that also tests for Influenza and/or RSV.
  • Performance and sensitivity of RATs varies between test kit brands. Ideally, use a brand that has VERY high sensitivity with evidence of performance against the Variants that are circulating.
  • More information about RATs:
  • Consumer guide to using rapid antigen self-tests
  • General information for consumers about RATs

Click on the following links for Covid-19 information:

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Stretches & Home Office Setup Tips

Here are some great resources to help with setting up your home office and stretches to keep tight muscles and postural problems at bay.

self massage.

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Tips to survive coronavirus isolation!
isolation rice grains.
  • * Stay in touch with friends and family by phone, social media, video chats
  • * It's important to keep informed but try to avoid watching too much news and media which may focus on the negatives
  • * If working from home, try to avoid working in your usual relaxation space eg bedroom and set boundaries and routines to avoid being "at work" 24/7
  • * Eat fresh, healthy, nutritious meals and drink plenty of water
  • * Spend time doing things you enjoy that are nurturing or relaxing - gardening, cooking, reading, meditation, yoga
  • * Keep active - it's easy to become sedentary so do some daily exercise - cardio, strength, core, stretching - find online options
  • * Take up a new hobby or do an online course and learn something new - there are lots of free or low cost options available too
  • * Find things that make you laugh - there are plenty of funny memes and videos to keep us smiling
  • * Try to make the most of time to slow down, relax and reflect on what we can be grateful for
  • * Enjoy the arts - visit a gallery online, watch an online performance, listen to music, watch a movie, play an instrument or learn a language

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