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Covid-19 risks remain high due to widespread community transmission.

Remedial Massage involves close physical contact for long periods of time in a small, indoor space, so there may be an increased risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Assess your own personal Covid-19 risk before every appointment, especially if you, your household or close contacts are in a high risk group.

** COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT SCREENING:  Please PHONE us if ANY of the following apply.

  • - Fever or Chills
  • - Cough, Sore throat
  • - Runny nose or Congestion
  • - Loss of smell, taste or appetite
  • - Fatigue/excessive tiredness
  • - Shortness of breath
  • - Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea
  • - Conjunctivitis, unexplained Chest pain
  • - Headaches, muscle aches & sneezing - are also Covid-19 symptoms so please test before your appointment if these symptoms are new, prolonged, severe or unusual.
  • • Had any of the above symptoms in the last 10 days.
  • Tested positive for Covid in the last 10 days.
  • • Returned from a cruise in the last 5 days.
  • Please TELL US about any other Covid-19 risk factors or potential exposures.
  • • You should wait 3 days after a Covid-19 vaccine before having a massage due to contraindications from potential side effects such as headache, pain, chills and fever.
  • Parent/guardian accompanying a minor under 18 years must meet all Covid-19 screening requirements & also wear a P2/N95/KN95 respirator.


covid-19 wear mask
  • You MUST BRING and WEAR a P2/N95 RESPIRATOR (mask).
  • • If you forget we will provide you with one for a small fee.
  • Please read full details of our Face Mask requirements.
  • • See our ventilation policy to reduce risk of aerosol transmission.
  • • Re-Balanced Bodies has been endorsed by AMT as a "clean air clinic".
  • ** If you TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 up to 3 days after your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible. Please tell us when your symptoms started and the date of your test so we can minimise potential exposure to other clients and staff as quickly as possible.


  • Only the person with an appointment can come in to the clinic. Once we know you have arrived, you are welcome to wait outside if you prefer.
  • Contactless card payments are preferred. BYO pen to sign hicaps health fund claims.
  • • Please complete our covid screening form BEFORE EVERY appointment. We will email appointment information & forms prior to appointments (pdf client form).
  • • When you arrive, we will conduct a non-contact temperature check. (≥ 37.5)
  • Please use hand sanitiser before/after your massage and if touching items at reception.


  • Practise good respiratory hygiene cover your mouth with your elbow or a tissue if you cough, sneeze or blow your nose, immediately put tissue in bin, then thoroughly wash your hands, as well as after going to the toilet, caring for the sick and before/after preparing food or eating.
  • • Clinic hours, appointments and availability are subject to change at short notice.
  • Re-Balanced Bodies may have different Covid Safe procedures to other businesses (eg physio) within the clinic.


A parent or legal guardian must be present for duration of treatment of minors under 18.
During Covid-19, the attending parent or guardian must also meet our Covid-19 screening requirements. Physical distancing requirements may not allow for another person to be present so there may be times when I am unable to treat minors. Thank you for your understanding.


    The following people are at greater risk of severe illness, hospitalisation and death from Covid-19. Risk can be reduced by getting vaccinated.
  • - older people
  • - people with certain medical conditions and compromised immune systems
  • - people with disabilities
  • - people in aged care facilities
  • - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people in remote communities
  • - you may also be at higher risk if you are pregnant, smoke or are not vaccinated

Click here for our enhanced infection control/Covid Safe procedures

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We review the situation daily, follow Government Health Directions and update procedures in line with recommendations, current restrictions and local transmission.

We are doing our best to support your remedial massage needs.   Thank you for supporting my need to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of us.

Kindest regards,
Jodie Schubert

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